Know What The Locals Know About Flagstaff

Kelly Dawson

1. Flagstaffians Have The Lung Capacity To Say, “Psssh, ‘Mile High’ City.”

Denver may be known as the “Mile High City,” but you know that Flagstaff is actually much higher than a measly mile. At nearly 7,000 feet, Flagstaff’s elevation easily surpasses that of Denver, and can make your errand run feel more like a workout. Just flew up a flight of stairs? Yeah, you may need to catch your breath.

2. Folks In Flagstaff Never Leave Home Without Their Canine Partner In Crime

Flagstaff is an athletic city so it’s not uncommon to see people zooming by on two wheels, hitting the hiking trails or just going for a jog. What would be strange though is if they were doing any of those things without a furry sidekick. Folks in Flagstaff are crazy about dogs, and if their omnipresence wasn’t a giveaway the number of dog parks in this region would be.

3. Everyone In Flagstaff Is Totally Nuts About The Great Outdoors

Surrounded by a Ponderosa pine forest, and the beauty of the Peaks, it’s no wonder that any local can describe him or herself as an “outdoor person.” Whether you keep to the hiking and mountain biking trails, strap on skis or a snowboard, or go for more out-of-the-box adventures like cayoneering, you can do so here. And thanks to pathways like FUTS, an active lifestyle doesn’t have to involve a lot of planning, either.

4. For The Best Show In Town Flagstaffians Know To Just Look Up

Especially at the historic Lowell Observatory—we’ll love you forever, Pluto—to Flagstaff’s designation as an “International Dark Sky City,” we take pride in our views of the night sky. While sights may be clearer for those looking through a telescope, it’s satisfying enough to see the stars from your home’s windows.

5. Flagstaffians Keeps The College Spirit Alive Long After Graduation Downtown

Between Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College, Flagstaff has several thousand coeds on its streets. A night out in downtown Flag means that you’ll probably run into quite a few students just breaking into the bar scene—or alumni who are making the most of it after graduation

6. Flagstaff May Be A Big Deal But It Still Has A Small Town Vibe

Flagstaff takes on the personality of a small town, even if the population is just below 70,000. The overall safety of the city and the fact that most neighbors know one another makes Flagstaff locals generally friendly. If anything, you have to be: Even if you don’t know someone, chances are you’re probably going to run into them again.

7. Spring = Monsoon Season

Spring should really be known as the windy season. And sometimes, windy can be putting it lightly—some gusts of wind have the power to make you do an impromptu “trust fall” into a fellow local. In the summer, you can almost set your clock to the storms that take place in the afternoons. On the bright side, at least this makes for a more interesting outfit selection every morning.

8. To Flagstaffians, “Macys” Has A Much Tastier Meaning

Yeah, when you say, “Hey, let’s go to Macy’s,” you’re not talking about the department store. You’re talking about the coffee house, or the place where you like to kick back and spend a slow morning. From the picture-perfect lattes and fresh baked goods, you’d prefer this instead of a clothing sale anyway.

9. Folks In Flagstaff Know One Thing Is Certain: Traffic

Flagstaff is a cool place to be. That’s why on some level, you understand why people want to come here. The heat isn’t oppressive. We have snow slopes. The Grand Canyon is nearby. But on the flipside, these millions of visitors every year tend to make traffic an issue—especially if the roads have ice on them.

10. But Everyone Here Still Loves It , Even If They Don’t Know What To Call Themselves

Flagstaffian doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, even if it’s preferred to Flagstonian. But, we like to be a little different. Did we miss anything? Tell us what you think is unique about Flagstaff in the comments below!