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Search Flagstaff properties by neighborhood if you are familiar with Flagstaff neighborhoods. Or, if you’re not, explore!  Our neighborhood pages show you area info, schools and market values!

Once you are in the neighborhood you prefer, homes are arranged by price.

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If you are not yet familiar with Flagstaff, you may want to start on our Flagstaff Maps page.

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Flagstaff's Complete Townhome and Condominium Site


Are you looking for a townhome or condominium? We have townhome and condominium searches arranged by neighborhood and price.

If you are looking for new construction townhomes only, click here!

Flagstaff's Complete Golf Property Site

Are you looking for a property within one of our three gated golf communities, or in the Continental Country Club area?

Start here – learn each golf community and browse by price.

Flagstaff's Complete New Construction Website

Are you interested in New Construction – homes or townhomes- in Flagstaff?

Start here for Flagstaff New Homes and New Townhomes!

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Flagstaff's Complete Luxury Home Site

For our unique selection of Flagstaff Luxury Homes, within our gated communities and outside the gates, please start here!


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