Northridge & Westridge

Homes For Sale in Northridge And Westridge

Westridge and Northridge are unique communities of custom homes directly adjacent to downtown Flagstaff.  Homes in both communities are surrounded by our beautiful, cool pines.  Homesites are generally 5 acre forested lots and homes have been built since the 1980s.  Homes in Westridge/Rockridge are are either served by a well or require water delivery.  This is a highly desired area for its 5 acre lots, giving the feel of living in the forest, while being adjacent to downtown Flagstaff.

Residents of Westridge/Northridge easily enjoy all of the fabulous restaurants, cafes and shops of downtown Flagstaff.  These areas are also close to Fort Valley Road, allowing residents to enjoy the best of nature and convenience.


Westridge/Northridge s conveniently close to Basha’s supermarket, located at the intersection of Humphreys and Fort Valley Road (The Columbus Street Plaza).  Alternately, turn left on Forest Street from Fort Valley Road, drive along Cedar where you enjoy unparalleled views of our gorgeous mountain range, to Safeway on Cedar.  Finally, continue on Fort Valley Road to Switzer Canyon Drive and enjoy Fry’s.

Westridge/Northridge also has easy access to all of the grocery stores, restaurants and shops on or around our main street of Milton Road.  It’s an easy drive to our Safeway on Plaza Way, Target on Milton , and Walmart on Woodlands Village Boulevard.

In addition to easy access to all of our dowtown restaurants and restaurants on Milton, Fratellli’s Pizza is a Flagstaff favorite, located on Fort Valley Road.  Sportsman’s Bar and Grill is also conveniently located at the intersection of Humphreys and Fort Valley Road.

For early morning or any time of day coffee that is ground onsite, fresh pastries baked in-house, wraps, lunch, and an array of Flagstaff-produced products and beer, visit the Flagstaff Station Market Cafe also on Fort Valley Road.


The Flagstaff Urban Trail Systems offers hikers and bikers an extraordinary network of stunning trails and picturesque views.  The Flagstaff Loop Trail is connected through Cheshire Park.

With Arizona Snowbowl, our ski area, located off of Fort Valley Road, residents enjoy four seasons of hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding and pure outdoor enjoyment.

Thorpe Park is a local outdoor haven and is adjacent to Westridge/Northridge.  Located on the west side of Flagstaff, Thorpe Park is 219 Acres of softball and baseball fields, playgrounds, tennis courts, walking trails, dog park and soccer fields, embraced by Flagstaff’s beautiful mountains.  The Francis Short Pond is also a favorite which encourages visitors to bring pets, watch wildlife and appreciate nature.

For residents close to Cheshire, Cheshire Park is 13.79 acres of playgrounds, picnic areas, open fields and tennis courts.


Flagstaff Medical Center, our main hospital, is a very short drive from the North West Corridor (turn left on Forest Road).  There is also a Nex Care Urgent Care at the intersection of Humphreys and Fort Valley Road.


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