The Virtual Flagstaff Real Estate Experience. Seamless. Personalized. Perfected.

Safe Practices For A Connected World

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Our Clients Have Enjoyed Personal Virtual Service For Years. Now It's Your Turn

FaceTime And Video Showings

Let's schedule a FaceTime Showing. We will walk you through each room of each home! Ask us questions, live. If you don't have an Iphone, we speak with you while we send videos.

Secure Digital Documents

Once we've explained everything in our live, computer meeting, sign securely from your desktop or phone


We Are All Commited and Connected.

Each Individual's Safe Practices Helps Our Neighbor's And Global Health

Safe Practices

Our Home Inspectors Engage
In Safe Practices.
Sterilize, Sanitize, Protect.

Title Company

Our Title Agents Work From Home
Or From Highly Controlled, Sanitized
Offices. Here is their update.

Lenders & Appraisers

Lenders Work From Home.
Appraisal Guidelines have been
changed to allow for desktop or 
driveby appraisals.