Flagstaff’s Three Local Outdoor Stores On San Francisco Street!



Flagstaff lets you enjoy the glorious outdoors in all four seasons. On Flagstaff’s San Francisco Street, right in the heart of downtown, there are three fabulous outdoor stores that complement each other rather than compete. Find everything you need – from gear to fashion – for every season, every sport in these locally-owned shops!
Babbitt’s Backcountry is family-owned and has everything from gear rental to clothing. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful – they’ll get you everything you need for your next adventure.
Founded on the love of adventure, Mountain Sports Flagstaff has the latest clothes for any outdoor activities – fashionable and functional.
Aspen Sports Flagstaff has all your skate, ski, board, and disc needs for northern AZ. Start your next adventure in these three outdoor shops on Flagstaff’s San Francisco Street!